Insights from Gene P. Abel On The Chris Voss Show

UFO Sightings and Government Secrecy: Insights from Gene P. Abel

Gene P. Abel’s interview offers a fascinating blend of historical mystery, scientific inquiry, and speculative theory, inviting us to consider the boundaries between known science and the vast possibilities that lie beyond while discussing the final installment of the Defenders of Time science fiction trilogy by Gene P. Able, The Aliens Step In on The Chris Voss Show.

Government’s Concern & UFOs Over Nuclear Sites: Gene P. Abel highlighted the government’s anxiety regarding UFO sightings, particularly those overpopulated areas and notably over nuclear facilities. Abel emphasized the pattern, suggesting it’s not mere coincidence, “That just does not seem like a chance piece of information.” He speculated that the uptick in sightings and reports from credible sources like pilots might be part of a governmental strategy to prepare the public for potential extraterrestrial encounters; “they’re trying to prepare the public for that eventuality.”

Credible Witnesses & Astronauts’ Testimonies: Abel points to the testimony of highly credible witnesses, including astronauts like Cooper, Mitchell, and Slayton, to underscore the validity of extraterrestrial encounters. “These are trained observers. These are not just the average person,” he stated, lending weight to the sightings reported by these experienced spacefarers.

Hoaxes vs. Historical Evidence: Amidst the credible reports, Abel acknowledges the existence of hoaxes, like the alien image found on a Spanish cathedral, which he used as an example to illustrate that not all stories are genuine. However, he contrasts these fabrications with ancient artifacts, “I don’t think these people were trying to scam anybody. Twenty thousand years ago, our ancestors probably drew what they saw.”

Ancient Constructions & Alien Assistance: Abel delves into historical structures whose creation still puzzles experts today. He asks, “Did they have help?” while referring to massive stones cut with precision and massive structures like pyramids, proposing theories ranging from helium infusion to harmonics for moving such immense weights.

Genetic Engineering & Alien Intervention: Reflecting on the advancements in DNA technology, Abel suggests that if humans can manipulate genetics, then a more advanced alien civilization might have influenced our evolution from primitive beings to species capable of space exploration.

Mysteries of Mesoamerican Pyramids: He also discusses the strange findings in Central Mexican pyramids, like pools of liquid mercury and mica, hinting at the possibility of ancient electrical generation. Abel also notes the uniform orientation of pyramids worldwide, pondering whether this is evidence of ancient shared knowledge or extraterrestrial influence.

Theories on Ancient Stone Movements: Finally, Abel presents various theories on how ancient civilizations could have moved heavy stones, including helium-3 infusion, levitation through harmonics, and the labor of giants, juxtaposing these with recent findings of large humanoid skeletons in Turkey.

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