The Aliens Step In: Defenders of Time Book III

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The Aliens Step In – Defenders of Time Series

It is time to celebrate the third dramatic installment of the Defenders of Time series by bestselling sci-fi author Gene P. Abel.

The first book in the series, Going Back, introduces the reader to the Time Travel activities of Earthlings. We are able to go back in time and detect others returning to the past.

The Americans do not want anyone to change the past because we cannot know the impact on the present and future. In Going Back, we detect others trying to alter the past and stop their attempt to change the outcome of WWII.

In the second book, Kidnappers From the Future, we create a solution to an environmental problem that has an unintended negative effect on one nation in the future. This causes them to come back to our time, and kidnap a key scientist in an attempt to alter the past. This time we go into the future and succeed in preventing them from altering history.

In the third and last book in this riveting sci-fi trilogy, The Aliens Step In, the heroes of the story, a group of Americans, awaken to discover that parts of their Time Travel facility – not protected from the effect of changes in the past – are disappearing. And only the temporary protection from the Time Travel Chamber delays their total elimination.
They soon learn that Chinese spies are behind this potentially catastrophic event. These spies have been successfully able to alter the past and we use the small window of protection from this change to go back and try to reverse the change they made.

As the U. S. team tries to stop the Chinese spies’ attempt to alter the past and erase our Time Travel operation, we initiate a potentially catastrophic event that could destroy Earth as well as impact the greater Universe. This causes the Alien Commander, Sonsa Tabback, to intervene and stop the growing catastrophe. As he stands in the control center of our Time Travel facility, he tells us that Earthlings must stop all Time Travel!

What happens next will change the path of the people on Earth forever more and we learn that we are not alone.

Turn the pages of this highly dramatic and entertaining sci-fi book to see what the Aliens do to impact the future of Planet Earth and everyone who calls it home.