Kidnappers From The Future: Defenders Of Time Book II

Kidnappers From The Future

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Kidnappers From The Future

The time travel adventure continues in the page-turning second novel in the bestselling Defenders of Time series.

With the recent expansion of the time travel program to include Dr. Sam Weiss’s niece, Samantha, exciting breakthroughs are on the horizon. Just days before she is set to officially join the team, Samantha, her uncle, and Special Agent Hessman encounter a group of Russian terrorists who vanish into thin air and leave behind a strange type of electrified bullet. When despite all security precautions, the terrorists once again appear, this time right in the middle of the base, they successfully kidnap Samantha. Her location is completely unknown.

The team must race to uncover why these Russians, who appear to have come from the future, have traveled through time to take Samantha. Their mission is immediately clear: rescue Samantha and find out why she was kidnapped in the first place. The team will be forced to overcome their outdated technology, and Special Agent Hessman’s developing feelings for Samantha, to save her and unravel the mystery from the future.