Going Back: Defenders Of Time Book I

Going Back

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Defenders Of Time: Going Back

Time travel, science, history, and romance come together in the bestselling first novel in the Defenders of Time Series.

When two scientists at a symposium on time travel are killed, followed immediately by the shocking detection of a time displacement wave, or TDW—the science world is shaken by the signs of someone traveling back in time to change the past. While their identity and goals are unknown, it’s clear that they’ll have to be stopped before they change the pattern of history.

Special Agent Lou Hessman and his team are tasked with going back to the New York City of the year 1919 to find and stop this TDW. Not an easy task under any circumstance, but the question remains: Are these changes something they want to fix?

Reader Comments

Just finished Gene Abel’s book Going Back. Great science fiction story about time travel back to 1919 New York City, which makes you wonder if you could change the past, would you. In addition, what would be the implications? Brought back memories of the old “Time Tunnel” TV series which I loved.

Jack Leitmeyer
Harleysville, PA.

Going Back, had a very interesting plot, some very well thought out ethical dilemmas. An understated romantic angle until the end. It was a very fast and satisfying read.

Alan Saul