Broken Promises and Lies of the Republicans

About the Book

The 2023 Edition of, BROKEN PROMISES AND LIES OF THE REPUBLICANS is intended to inform the Voter about the promises of the Republicans and how those promises were NOT kept. It also looks at the actions of Donald J. Trump and the danger his actions present to our Republic. The information in this book was taken from non-political sources such as official U.S. Government agencies like the Dept. of the Treasury, Dept. of labor Statistics, CBO, GAO, OMB etc. The recent revelations about Trump were taken from main stream Media. Sources are indicated in every section so the reader may confirm the truth of what is presented.

Some Conservatives have said, “We do not agree with you (me)” My response is very simple, “You do not disagree with me you disagree with the FACTS.”

The Book Video Trailer will provide a dramatic summary of this book.